Ever wonder who your ideal client is?

Let’s start by thinking back to your your previous clients… Who was your favourite to work with? Who was the most rewarding? Who did you offer the most value to? Write down 5 names. Then, think about who your toughest clients were. Who was exhausting to deal with? Who sucked the life out of you? Who questioned your value? Write down another 5 names.

Next, think about what they have in common:

  • Age
  • Children? How many & what type?
  • Single, married, divorced
  • Neighbourhood
  • Income
  • Hobbies/Interests

Do these details have anything in common with you?

By plotting these similarities you’re on your way in creating a buyer persona. By creating a buyer persona, you are now better equipped in targeting your sales & marketing efforts towards a defined demographic that will be more receptive to what you have to say & offer. Ultimately this will generate more business your way and continue getting the clients you love and avoid the ones that stress you out.

Here are some sample buyer personas:

For further reading check out this Marketing Persona Beginners Guide.

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