On July 1st, electronic signatures became legal on all OREA forms, including Agreements of Purchase and Sale. With an influx of electronic signature tools in the market it’s important to understand how electronic signatures can contribute to your paperless workflow. The truth? Electronic signatures tools can be convenient and save time with finalizing deals; however, many tools don’t consider the workflow after signing.

Just to complete minor changes to an agreement, agents need to resort to paper (via printing or scanning) half way through the process – talk about inconvenience. Digitally creating an offer & electronically signing are a key part of the process; however, one must also consider negotiation and post-transaction tasks when choosing a digital platform.

Simply put, using just e-signatures are not enough to keep you paperless.

Well, we’ve got you covered!

DealTap offers an all-in-one solution by providing offer creation, negotiation and signing with aided compliance & security. Agents would need to use 3 tools to mimic this packaged platform!

As part of its negotiation feature, DealTap offers digital amendment, with change & version tracking – all with intended purpose to stay paperless. Furthermore, the integration with Lone Wolf’s LoadingDocs keeps the deal paperless from agent to admin.


Stay informed when going paperless – don’t be duped by imitators that only take you so far. DealTap’s got you covered from start to finish.

For more about the DealTap visit www.dealtap.ca

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