Creating the Best Transaction Experience, Ever

DealTap is an all-in-one electronic tool specifically designed for Ontario Realtors®.

Our platform intelligently assists agents and clients while drafting, signing or closing deals. This eliminates frustrating tasks and common errors, saving precious time to help close legally compliant contracts.

Empowering Real Estate Professionals

We noticed many companies were building technology to replace today's Realtor. With the inherent complexities of a real estate transaction, we believe Realtors play a crucial role in navigating their clients through this difficult process.

By equipping them with the right tools, we help Realtors focus their time on activities that directly grow their business, not paperwork!

This is why we built DealTap.

Meet the Executive Team

We combine the brightest minds in technology and real estate to bring forth the best experience for our customers and partners

Sameer Lalji


Sameer brings a wealth of product vision paired with a strong technical background to lead our technology team at DealTap. His ability to simultaneously see the product from the top down as well as the ground up ensures we design intuitive solutions for our customers; creating the strongest user experiences.

Aamir Qadri


Aamir brings over 15 years of subject matter expertise working with some of the biggest names in Real Estate. Not only does Aamir have a strong tech background, he has extensive business experience, as well as both a CPA and an MBA. It’s with this unique skill set that he leads DealTap’s sales, success and marketing efforts.

Michael Moretto


Michael brings a diverse corporate finance and venture capital background to DealTap making certain all levels and departments work seamlessly together. His experience working with companies of different sizes and stages ensures management uses the best approach when tackling new challenges.

We are on a Mission.

Help us shift real estate on the path to paperless.